Amongst all the doom and gloom that many of headlines these days convey, gold is one of the few investments that offer the most promising returns if the global economy were to go in a tailspin.

Consider commodities guru Jim Rogers' comments. In a recent interview with CNBC, he shared his detailed perspective on gold. Even though he owns gold, he's not buying the precious metal currently. That's because gold has shot up in price and according to him, whenever something shoots up it probably will go down for a while. But if gold goes to US$ 1,000 per ounce again, he will surely be smart enough to buy more. Infact, he has gone as far as to say that gold will certainly go to a couple of thousand dollars an ounce over the next decade. So he remains a firm believer of the theory that am gold will be a great investment over the next decade or so. With the kind of problems that the western economies are facing, we must say that that does not seem such a far off possibility after all.


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